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How to Recycle Televisions

How to Recycle Televisions

How to Recycle Televisions

Recycling is one of the best ways to do your part for the environment.

But which bin does the Television go into? The brown bin, the black bin, the green bin, the blue bin, or any of the other countless colors on the market? The answer is: none of the above!

Recycling electronics is a complicated process. That doesn’t mean that it’s hard to understand or even difficult, rather that it can be quite a pain when you don’t know what you’re doing. Fortunately, the tips and tricks outlined in this guide will turn this task into a quick and easy process.

Don’t Break the Law

In some places, throwing out electronics in the ordinary garbage cans and dumpsters is illegal. In fact, if you live in New York, you can be fined hundreds of dollars if you throw away multiple different electronics in one go. However, by making sure to properly dispose of your television, you’ll be that much less likely to be hunted down by the police.

The Recycling Process

First and foremost, you’re going to want to make sure that your TV actually needs to be recycled. If it can be sold or donated, you’ll want to do one of those first, since selling or donating the television has the potential to create the most value for the largest number of people.

Step 1: Find an Electronics Buyer

There are plenty of places that will buy old or even damaged tech. One such company called EcoATM actually places ATMs that “eat” old phones and spit out money around cities. 

While EcoATM currently only offers this ATM for cell phone collection, there are plenty of physical locations and even online stores that are willing to buy your useless hunk of junk if for no other reason than to salvage it for parts.

Step 2: Donate the Television

If the television set still works, donating it can help a needy family enjoy an improved standard of living without costing you anything. In fact, taking the time to donate an old television in a city where throwing away electronics is illegal can actually save you money.

So, instead of spending money paying off government officials when they levy fines against you, spend a couple bucks on gas and take that television to a donation center.

Step 3: Find an Electronics Recycler

If you haven’t been able to find anybody to buy the TV nor to accept it as a donation, then you’re probably going to have to find an electronics recycler. Simply run a Google search for “electronics recyclers near me,” make sure that the place you choose accepts TVs, and then take it to them.


Because of various government regulations, recycling electronics can be an enormous, time-consuming chore. However, by first attempting to sell or donate the television and then attempting to find an electronics recycler online, you run the chance of increasing your expected value in the long-run. 

Not to mention that you help to ensure the environment heals a little more each day, allowing us to leave this planet to our children a little better than when we found it.