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How to Choose Between LCD and DLP Projectors

How to Choose Between LCD and DLP Projectors

How to Choose Between LCD and DLP Projectors

Did you ever shine a flashlight in front of your hands to make shadow puppets?

If so, you’ve been using a very basic form of projection since you were a kid, but bunny ears on a blank wall probably aren’t the sort of projection you’re looking for any longer. Now that you want a better quality output, you’re likely stuck between LCD and DLP projectors.

Both of these options have a number of benefits, and deciding between them simply depends on what you’re looking for. 

Breaking Down The Differences

Simply put, DLP is a more high tech projector, whereas LCD is essentially a modernized version of the old slide projector method. The differences between these two types of projectors are obviously more technical than that, but it’s a helpful jumping off point. 

DLP projectors use digital micromirrors to reflect images onto any surface, and LCD projectors use a single light source to project an image onto primary colored mirrors, which then pass through prisms and reflect on a flat surface. DLP is more expensive, but will also require less maintenance and a more stable picture quality. 

Making Your Pick

Deciding between these two types of projectors is totally personal, so you’ll need to ask yourself some questions before you can make your choice:

  • Will you be taking the projector with you to different places? LCD is more portable.
  • What sorts of things will you be projecting? If it’s not video, DLP may not be worth the money.
  • How important is the quality of the image to you? DLP is going to be crisper.
  • What kind of budget are you working with? LCD is a much more affordable option.

Answering these questions should give you a good idea of which direction you should head in, and you can purchase your projector with the confidence that you’ve chosen the right type.