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How to Connect a Macbook to An iMac

How to Connect a Macbook to An iMac

How to Connect a Macbook to An iMac

What’s better than one graphics display? Two graphics displays, of course!

Laptops are perfect for their ease of use and their ability to travel, but when it comes to sitting at a desk all day, it can be a little taxing to stare at your Macbook screen for hours on end. 

Luckily, because Apple products can be integrated so easily, you can simply connect your Macbook to your iMac and use the larger screen as a second monitor, making your work just as efficient, but much easier on the eyes.

The Art of Doubling Up

There was once a time when people couldn’t imagine having a personal computer at all, let alone a personal computer in addition to a laptop. However, it seems today that owning both of these devices (plus a smartphone) is becoming the new norm.

Since it’s likely that you already have both a Macbook and an iMac, why not take full advantage of what they have to offer? Get the best of both worlds by connecting your two devices, and it won’t even take much effort on your part.

Tethering Your Devices

Apple has created such a massive cult following due in large part to the fact that all of their devices can work together so seamlessly. Using your iMac as a means of displaying what’s on your Macbook screen is no exception, as it will only take a few seconds to accomplish. 

To start, connect the two computers via either the mini display port or a thunder cable. Once you’ve done that, simply press F2 on your iMac keyboard and it will begin displaying the screen of your Macbook.

As usual, Apple makes this process incredibly simple, so you can enjoy the luxury of a larger screen combined with the ease of a laptop.