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How to Customize The Shut Down Button

How to Customize The Shut Down Button

How to Customize The Shut Down Button

You probably require at least 6 hours of sleep at night to function all day. 

Likewise, you’ve probably heard that your computer needs a fair amount of completely shut down rest in order to maintain its best possible function. Plus, when your power button automatically shuts your computer down, it’s so easy to get into that daily habit.

However, there are ways you can change what that shut down button does if turn your computer all the way off doesn’t exactly fit your lifestyle. 

The Truth About Shutting Down

People have been fed two conflicting narratives about their computers: one says that you should shut them down every time they’re not in use, and the other says this constant powering off can actually be hard on your computer.

The truth is that you do need to shut down periodically, but not nearly as much as many people do. Fully shutting down should happen about once a week, but otherwise your free to simply let your computer sleep, particularly if it’s never shut down for that long. 

Avoiding The Power Off Function

Perhaps you don’t want to shut your computer down as often as you do, but you’re stuck in the habit of hitting the power button every time you’re finished with it. Luckily, you can reprogram that button so that it doesn’t turn your computer off completely. 

To do this, start by right clicking on your start button, and find the properties. Go to the start menu tab, where you’ll see a section for power button action. From that drop down menu, choose the new function you’d like the button to perform. 

Once you’ve saved that setting, you’ll find that it’s much easier to put your computer to sleep, restart it, or do whatever function you selected as the default. You’ll spend less time powering up your computer, and more time getting the most that you can out of it.