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How to Enable A Hotspot Without Touching Your Phone with Yosemite

How to Enable A Hotspot Without Touching Your Phone with Yosemite

How to Enable A Hotspot Without Touching Your Phone with Yosemite

Wouldn’t it be great if you could think a command, and your devices could respond?

Apple hasn’t quite reached the point of mind reading with their technology, but they’re not all that far off. The infamously seamless connectivity of Apple products got even better when the company rolled out their Yosemite update.

The update created the ability for users to begin utilizing their phones’ mobile hotspot capabilities without them even having to toggle that “on” switch.

Staying Up to Date

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t especially love updating their device, consider the fact that these new versions are released for a reason. When you first downloaded Yosemite, you may have missed some aspects of the older operating system, but it came with quite a few new perks.

Not the least of these perks is the fact that Yosemite allows you to begin using your iPhone’s hotspot without having to touch your phone at all, so long as you’ve connected to it from your computer before. 

A Smarter Way to Browse

Yosemite allows you to utilize something called an instant hotspot, which essentially means that if you have connected to your phone’s hotspot before, are signed into the same iCloud account on both devices, and attempt to access the hotspot again, it will work whether or not you’ve turned it on via your iPhone. 

The entire process couldn’t be simpler: when you realize you’re without Internet, simply click on your WiFi icon and scroll down to your phone’s network (it will appear on the list since you’ve connected to it before). Just click to connect, and you’ll be browsing in an instant so long as your bluetooth is turned on. 

Connectivity is Apple’s specialty, and this version of it gives you greater freedom with fewer steps standing between you and the worldwide web.