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How to Jailbreak Touch Screen Apple Devices with Greenpois0N

How to Jailbreak Touch Screen Apple Devices with Greenpois0N

How to Jailbreak Touch Screen Apple Devices with Greenpois0N

Jailbreaking iPhones has been a common practice since they were first introduced in 2007.

But what exactly is jailbreaking? Jailbreaking is the practice of subverting the lockouts that Apple places on its products. This means that, by jailbreaking your iPhone, you can get around the prohibitions against apps that Apple hasn’t directly approved, you can download apps from unverified publishers, and more.

This guide will show you one of the best ways of doing just that!

The Purpose of Jailbreaking

As the name suggests, jailbreaking helps set your phone free from the software confinements that Apple designed it to have. If you’re looking to download custom apps from indie developers or apps that Apple refuses to allow on the App Store for any number of reasons, then you’re going to have to jailbreak your iPhone first.

Using Greenpois0N to Jailbreak Your Apple Devices

Ordinarily, the jailbreaking process is complicated, tough to understand, and all around a bad idea for beginners to even attempt. However, by using software such as Greenpois0N, each of these complaints begins to fade away.

Step 1: Download Greenpois0N

Start by going to the Greenpois0N website and downloading the software. Whether you are using a Mac, Linux, or Windows operating system doesn’t matter much later on in the process; however, you have to be certain that you download the correct installation files for your device or else you will undoubtedly run into all kinds of bugs and technical complications.

Step 2: Activate DFU Mode

Now that you have Greenpois0N on your computer, turn off your iPhone and plug it into your computer via its USB connector. Next, open Greenpois0N and click “Prepare to Jailbreak (DFU).” Greenpois0N will then show you how to put your iPhone DFU mode.

Step 3: Finish the Jailbreaking Process

After following the various steps listed on the Greenpois0N interface, you might notice that your phone still doesn’t seem any different, but don’t get ahead of yourself! You’re almost there.

Click on “Jailbreak!” in the bottom left hand corner of the Greenpois0N window. When Greenpois0N has finished doing its thing, it will display a message that says, “Jailbreak Complete!” After that, restart your iPhone and you’ll see that it has officially been jailbroken.

Step 4: Install Cydia

Now that your phone is jailbroken, you’ll see that there is an additional app located on your iPhone’s springboard (the background area where the app icons sit). This new app should be titled something along the lines of “Loader.”

Click on that and follow the prompts that it gives you. These will lead to a window that asks you to install Cydia. Select “Install Cydia” to confirm. Once this is complete, your jailbroken iPhone will now be able to access both Cydia and the Cydia Store.


It should be noted that jailbreaking your iPhone will most likely void each and every one of your warranties and AppleCare policies that you have for that device. Whether this exchange is worth it or not should be heavily considered before going through with the jailbreaking process.