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How to Manage Photos on Mac

How to Manage Photos on Mac

How to Manage Photos on Mac

All too often, you blink and years seem to have passed in a second. 

There’s no way to slow the constant march of time, but there is a way to freeze and encapsulate a moment forever: in a photograph. It’s never been easier to snap a picture and hold on to it for posterity.

In fact, it’s gotten so easy that many people have a hard time organizing and storing all of their digital photos. A cluttered mess of photos is almost as bad as having none at all, so take the time to manage yours.

Sorting and Storing

One issue that many people have when it comes to putting photos on their Mac is that they eventually run out of storage. This is an especially common issue for families who are simply trying to catalogue the lives of their children, but find that they’ve created a cluttered disaster in their Photos app.

Rather than spending half an hour sifting through your pictures to find a specific one, simply organize them cleverly from the start with a few simple tips. 

Working Smarter

Just like your grandmother did, you should organize your photos into albums to make them more accessible. One of the easiest ways to do this is to let your Mac take care of the hard work and create a smart album; all you’ll need to do is choose some parameters, like dates, and give the album a name. 

If you’d rather create albums manually that’s fine, too. You’ll simply need to select the photos you want to add to them. Once you have your albums, you can create folders as well. For example, one folder might say “holidays” and another might contain “family vacations.” 

How to Type a Face on A ComputerPhotos can bring you a great deal of joy and nostalgia, particularly if you take the time to manage them right from the start.