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How to Move, Copy, and Delete on 4Shared

How to Move, Copy, and Delete on 4Shared

How to Move, Copy, and Delete on 4Shared

Life is constantly moving and changing in unpredictable patterns.

Much in the same way, a file that’s relevant to your life and work today may no longer be relevant in the same way, or at all, come tomorrow. Services like 4Shared make it much simpler to give others access to your content, but they can become disorganized if you’re not careful.

Because of this, it’s important that you know how to move, copy, and delete your 4Shared files to ensure you’re staying on top of managing them. 

Prioritizing Your Space

4Shared offers users a free space to store files of all sorts, making it incredibly simple for you to generate a link and share those files with others. Everything from photos and music to documents will work with your 4Shared account. 

Problems may arise if you’re uploading a great deal of files, though. 4Shared is only free up to 10 GB of storage, so it’s important that you try to clear out your files at least somewhat regularly. 

Editing Your Files

There’s not much of anything that’s difficult to do on 4Shared, and that applies to moving, copying, deleting your files, too. The first step in accomplishing any of these edits is, obviously, to log in to your 4Shared account.

Once there, find your way to the files you want to move, copy, or delete. Highlight the file, and you’ll see a menu bar across the top of the page. To move it, press the scissors icon, and then “paste” in the new destination.

To copy the file, press the folded paper icon right next to the scissors. To delete a file, press the trash icon. 

These are simple skills to learn, but using them freely will help you ensure that you’re getting the most out of your free 4Shared space.