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How to Organize a Virtual Workspace

How to Organize a Virtual Workspace

How to Organize a Virtual Workspace

Keeping your workspace organized is important whether it’s digital or physical.

Fortunately, there are countless tips and tricks, software and programs, plugins and applications, and so on and so forth to help you do just that! This handy guide will outline a few of the most helpful ways of organizing your virtual workspace.

Organization Improves Efficiency

A clean and organized desk can facilitate plenty of helpful activities in the workplace, regardless of whether or not said workplace takes the form of physical desks and chairs or online forums and digital interfaces. Either way, a neat and tidy environment improves efficiency, reduces stress, and streamlines productivity.

Let’s Start Organizing!

There are plenty of ways to organize a desktop. The tips and tricks below just so happen to be a few of the best for most people!

Organize Your Files

First things first, clean up all those extraneous files that you have scattered all over the place. To do this, simply make a folder for each category (such as “Financials,” “Order # XYZ,” or “Personal”). These categories will ensure that you can more easily find your files during ordinary work times.

Consolidate Your Contacts

If you are a freelancer or a sales professional, this step is critically important. Whether you use a simple word document with various headings for each contact or you use a detailed program such as an online rolodex, you need to ensure that you have quick and easy access to your clients and any relevant ongoing or future tasks.

This will help you maintain rapport with those clients on a more frequent basis, ensuring repeat business in the future and accurate handling of orders in the present.

Digitize Your Documents

If you find that you have stacks and stacks of important documents, handouts, and other printed information, it tends to be best to digitize them. This means taking the time to scan them into your computer databases so that you can have access to all of them in a quick, readily available format

Be sure to use a scanner or a document-reader that comes equipped with optical character recognition software, however, or else your computer will not allow you to highlight, copy, or search the documents for specific words or phrases.

Archive Important Emails

By taking the time to archive the most important or most frequently referenced emails that you have ever sent or received through Outlook, Gmail, or some other email server, you ensure that these emails are never automatically deleted to save memory.

Furthermore, the archives will enable you to quickly select whichever documents you need from an easy-to-see scrollbar on the side of the email window.


These four tips and tricks are certain to help you make your virtual workspace a little more organized. Of course, if you’ve already done each of them and you’re looking for more in-depth methods of optimizing your computer’s storage space, then you might want to take your computer into a tech store for an official cleaning.

Either way, be sure to make it a habit, or else you’ll find yourself right back here in the future!