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How to Remove Cassiopesa on Windows

How to Remove Cassiopesa on Windows

How to Remove Cassiopesa on Windows

It’s the worst case scenario: you download a new program, only to find a virus.

There are all different forms of malware crawling around the Internet today, and some aren’t really all that malicious, but you still don’t want them taking up residence in your computer.

Often, when you download a program for free, it will come with an extra hitch hiker. That’s how many Windows users wind up with Cassiopesa, but luckily it’s not all that difficult to get rid of.

Hijacking Your Browsing

Picture this: you’ve just downloaded a new program, it’s open source so it was free, and you’re excited to put it to work. You open up your browser to search for something else, and find that instead of your regular homepage, you’ve been routed to a site called Cassiopesa.

This narrative is all too familiar to many Windows users. Cassiopesa generally doesn’t present any malicious intent, but having to constantly direct away from the site is rather annoying. Plus, the malware will sometimes apply the site to other shortcuts. Rather than deal with it, clean this sickness up. 

Removing The Virus

The first step in removing Cassiopesa is, of course, to uninstall the program. You can do this by navigating to the program settings, where you’ll see an option to uninstall.

After that, move to your browser and check that nothing has been altered. Look for any new extensions, any unwanted cookies, and reset your homepage to its previous default. Make sure you completely clear out your browsing data as well, and try to avoid any similar downloads in the future.

Cassiopesa is more annoying than anything, but it’s better to spend a few minutes clearing up an annoyance now than wishing you had later on after things have taken a turn for the more serious.