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How to Share Files on SugarSync Manager on Windows

How to Share Files on SugarSync Manager on Windows

How to Share Files on SugarSync Manager on Windows

Sugarsync is designed to make sharing files and folders are painless as possible.

Whether you wish to share a folder containing last Summer’s vacation with the rest of your extended family or you want to send a few key scans of private health records to your doctor, Sugarsync can help you with that. 

Of course, while the process might be easy and intuitive, plenty of people find that they still need a guide to show them the ropes. That’s where we come in!

The Importance of Transferring Files

You might not notice it, but odds are you transfer files dozens of times each day. Whether you’re snapping pictures of your dog to send to Facebook or sending your daughter pictures of a new shirt that you bought for her, you’re transferring files.

The difficulty comes in when you’re trying to transfer files directly from one computer to another without having to go through a “middleman” website like social media. After all, is Facebook really the right place to store your personal healthcare records? No, but Sugarsync sure is!

SugarSyncing with SugarSync (Windows Version)

SugarSync is a great file transfer service that makes long-distance bulk transfers as easy as the press of a couple buttons. But enough chit chat. Let’s get started!

Sharing a Public Folder

This is the method that you’ll use when you don’t care who sees the contents of the folders or when you want as many people as possible to see the contents of the folders. Family vacation photographs and graduation pictures tend to fall into this category.

To do this, simply log into SugarSync Manager and select the “Folders” icon on the left hand side of the window. Now sift through the documents, files, and folders in the “Folders” window and look for the ones that you wish to transfer. Right-click them, select the “Copy public link” option, and send it or post it wherever. 

Sharing a Private Folder

This is what you’ll want to do if you have sensitive material to share, such as private pictures, healthcare scans, or personal financials. Essentially, whatever you want to share with yourself or with a select few others falls into this category.

This process is somewhat similar to the first half of sharing a public folder. Login to SugarSync Manager, open the “Folders” tab, and select the files or folders that you want to share. Right click on them and select “Share” (located right below the “Copy public link” label in the dropdown menu).

You will then be able to edit the permissions, input the address or addresses of the recipient or recipients, and add a little note if you so desire. Once you’ve configured everything to your specifications, simply select “Send Invite” to finalize the process.


This is one of the easiest ways of transferring large numbers of photographs in a short period of time. Instead of emailing pictures or texting them over one by one, you will now be able to put your knowledge of SugarSync into practice to save yourself loads of time!