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How to Type a Face on A Computer

How to Type a Face on A Computer

How to Type a Face on A Computer

There’s something intoxicating about nostalgia. 

For whatever reason, humans have always loved to linger on simpler times once advancements have been made, and the 21st century has been a period of particular nostalgia, for whatever reason. 

Now that computer graphics are so advanced, the interesting phenomenon of text art has once again struck up interest in many online communities, and you’d be surprised by what you can create using just your keyboard.

The Resurgence of Text Art

Comparing a work of graphic design art to a piece of text art is like comparing apples and oranges—it simply shouldn’t be done. Still, text art has a sort of cult following on the Internet, and can be used as a funny way to communicate or a genuine art form.

For whatever reason you want to create a face by just typing, you’ll find that the process is quite simple. 

Bringing Text to Life

There is a wide array of quite simple faces that you can create with your keyboard, but these generally don’t span multiple lines and aren’t intended to look realistic. If this simple version serves your intended function, you’ll save yourself a few minutes.

If you’re looking for a more complex depiction, you’ll have to take a strategic approach. Start by creating the face shape by using the — key to create straight lines on the top and bottom of the head, then use 8’s or some other rounded key to create the sides. 

After that, just delete spaces in the middle and replace them with features like ( . . ) for a nose, or <(O)> for eyes. Get creative with the keys you use, and try to picture the face in abstract terms.

Typing out a lifelike face can be time consuming, but you’ll be surprised by just how good it looks once you’re finished.