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How to Upgrade the RAM in a Lenovo Ideapad S510p Laptop

How to Upgrade the RAM in a Lenovo Ideapad S510p Laptop

How to Upgrade the RAM in a Lenovo Ideapad S510p Laptop

Imagine if, when your mind is feeling sluggish, you could simply add more capacity.

Though this isn’t possible for the human brain, it is an option for your computer. Adding RAM might feel unnecessary if you aren’t storing a large number of files on your Lenovo laptop, but extra memory does more than create storage space.

If you want a more seamless computer experience, then adding RAM is probably something you should consider, and Lenovo makes it easier to do than almost any other brand.

Boosting The Speed

Over time, computers tend to slow down, that’s just the nature of the technology. This happens because they’re bogged down by programs running in the background most of the time, but can also be a result of a hard drive issue. 

If you’ve noticed decreased performance in your Lenovo Ideapad, one of the simplest solutions is to just add more RAM. Since Lenovo already provides a second slot for RAM standard in your laptop, there’s really no excuse not to give it a shot. 

Buying and Installing

The first step in upgrading the RAM on your Lenovo laptop is choosing the proper RAM card. This laptop comes with one 6 GB RAM card, and the maximum it can support is 16 GB. A knowledgeable employee at a tech store should be able to point you in the right direction.

Once you’ve purchased more RAM, power off your laptop, then remove the battery and the back panel. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see the two RAM slots. If you need to remove the original card you can do so, otherwise simply place a new one in the slot without touching the gold edge. 

After you’ve replaced the battery and back panel, you’ll find that your laptop runs with a much higher performance now.