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How to Use The Docusign Template Generator

How to Use The Docusign Template Generator

How to Use The Docusign Template Generator

Signing a document used to mean physically taking pen to paper and scribbling your name.

Now, you probably have a signature, but you likely only whip it out to sign receipts or the rare physical form. For the most part, signatures are done virtually today with the help of programs like Docusign.

If you need to create an official document and have it signed by someone, Docusign’s template generator will let you get the job done in a flash.

Saving You Time and Effort

The great thing about any template is that you only need to swap out a few relevant details to make it work for your situation. This is especially true with documents, since there really aren’t all that many different kinds of official forms you could need someone to sign. 

If you run a catering business that enters into frequent contracts with clients, for example, only the specific names, dates, and menus would have to change on each contract and the rest could remain standard. So how exactly do you make use of the Docusign template generator?

Creating A Standard

Once you’ve taken the time to create a template, you’ll be able to use it indefinitely into the future. That said, it will take a little bit of effort to accomplish in the first place. Before you begin, you’ll need:

  • The PDF file you want to make a template
  • The 3rd-party application
  • The Docusign template generator JAR file

After you have these files ready, run your DOS prompt or terminal and input this command: “java -jar DocuSignTemplateGenerator.jar <PDF file name.pdf>” where the PDF file name is adjusted to your document.

Having completed all of this, you’ll see a new file that’s ready to be uploaded to your Docusign account, and you’ll enjoy greater ease from here on out.