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How to Use Virtual Power Buttons in vCloud Director

How to Use Virtual Power Buttons in vCloud Director

How to Use Virtual Power Buttons in vCloud Director

Virtual technology has ushered in a revolution in workplace tech!

Whether your company uses Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Slack, or any of the other countless digital workplace enhancements on the market today, you have firsthand experience with this technology.

One of the many software in this category is vCloud Director. As with all software in this category, vCloud Director comes with a considerable learning curve. Fortunately, we’ve already done all of that learning for you!

Why Bother with vCloud Director?

This software enables your firm to quickly and easily access all of your VApps and other software from VMware. The purpose of the vCloud Director is to enhance your firm’s cloud computing experience in a way that proves useful in streamlining its productivity and efficiency.

How Do You Do It?

The process itself is relatively simple, but there are quite a few steps involved. Let’s go ahead and break these countless steps down into a couple easy-to-follow parts instead.

Part 1: Accessing the Program

The first thing you’ll need to do is ensure that your computer is connected to a stable internet connection. This will prevent any issues with corrupted data when downloading the necessary parts of the software.

Next, go to this link and enter your username and password. Before logging in, many people find it helpful to check the box labeled “Remember my username and password,” as this streamlines the sign-in process forever thereafter.

Part 2: Navigating through the Cloud

Once logged in, look in the top left corner of the screen. You should see a few tabs next to “Home.” Click on the tab that is labeled “My Cloud” and then click on “VMs,” which is located in the menu that opens when you access “My Cloud.”

Underneath “Console,” you will now see the required VMs. Select them, click on the Actions icon (the little gear with the downward-facing arrow), and decide which virtual power button you would like to activate from there.

Part 3: Managing Virtual Buttons

Knowing how to access the virtual power buttons isn’t enough to successfully use them. You need to be able to properly manage them as well. To do so, click on “vApps” right above “VMs.”

Now, go back to the Actions icon and select either “Start,” “Suspend,” or “Restart,” as you did with the VMs. To further edit the buttons, click on the item in the “Consoles” column and then right-click that same item to open a dropdown window. You should see the “properties” label at the bottom of the dropdown menu. Select that to open the additional settings.


Now that you have a better understanding of how to use virtual power buttons in vCloud Director, you should be much more capable of using this software to streamline your productivity while at work. 

If you still have questions or if these steps are producing error messages, then you might be experiencing a bug or some other kind of technical malfunction. In those cases, you will need to contact tech support, your company’s IT people, or perhaps even VMware’s customer service line.