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How to Make Your PC a Media Server with Air Playit for iOS

How to Make Your PC a Media Server with Air Playit for iOS

How to Make Your PC a Media Server with Air Playit for iOS

Streaming technology has come a long way since the early 2000s, but it’s still got a long way to go.

Until the day that streaming on multiple devices because as streamlined on all sources as it is on apps like Netflix, you’ll likely notice plenty of shortcomings in streaming technology. Fortunately, software like Air Playit for iOS enables you to bypass many of these shortcomings.

Let us show you what we mean!

Improve Your iOS Functionality

By adding Air Playit to your list of streaming tools, you significantly increase the control that you have over your home entertainment. Instead of struggling to manually resize image displays and film sizes, simply download Air Playit and let it do its thing.

Of course, there are other ways of doing this, including through the use of Apple TV products, but those don’t work on PCs. Even if they did, not everybody can afford to spend that kind of money on something that, with a little work, they could set up on their own for free?

The Air Playit Process

First and foremost, download the software and follow the installer prompts.

Next, configure the software settings. Start by editing the server name and creating a group of shared folders. Double-check the availability, name, permissions, and folder path to ensure that everything is checked and ready to go.

The third step is to set up the receiving end of the Air Playit client on your mobile devices. Do so by downloading the app called Air Playit – Streaming Video to iPhone.

Lastly, launch the app to configure its server settings. This can be accessed by pressing the “+” symbol in the top left corner of the “Servers” menu of the app. Select the server that you created on your computer and begin streaming.


If you’ve been having trouble reconfiguring data streams to enable viewing on your mobile devices, then you should heavily consider downloading Air Playit and using it to make your computer into a media server.