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How to Connect an Akai MPC Drum Pad with FL Studio

How to Connect an Akai MPC Drum Pad with FL Studio

How to Connect an Akai MPC Drum Pad with FL Studio

A good beat can nestle itself in your brain and follow you around all day. 

If you’re the kind of person that is able to come up with catchy rhythms and tunes naturally, you already have a gift that few people possess. If you’re serious about harnessing that gift, you’ve almost certainly heard of the Akai MPC Drumpad.

A favorite of pros and hopefuls alike, the Akai Drum Pad isn’t difficult to set up—as long as you know what you’re looking for. 

Best in The Biz

A drum pad is a favorite piece of equipment for most producers. It allows you to create complex compositions by layering them on top of one another through the drum pads different buttons, or pads. When it comes to drum pads, Akai is undeniably one of the best in the business.

Perhaps you’ve already settled on an Akai MPC Drum Pad, but you’re simply struggling with how to get it set up with FL Studio. Fortunately, it won’t be nearly as difficult as you’re probably imagining. 

Connecting The Equipment

The first step in the setup process is to simply connect your drum pad to your computer. You should be able to do this via USB; after that, open FL studio and rescan for midi devices. 

Next, press Shift + F4 to create a new FPC pattern. Once there, select “Sync-Lock” from the menu; you will then have to take the time to program your computer to recognize which drum pads correspond correctly on your new device. 

Test it out a few times to make sure that things have synced properly, but that should be the last step in your setup process.

After you’ve taken the time to do all of this, your Akai MPC Drum Pad should be ready to run in FL Studio, and you can get to creating the music that’s playing in your head.