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How to Convert .Contact Files to VCF

How to Convert .Contact Files to VCF

How to Convert .Contact Files to VCF

Are you struggling to migrate contacts from your desktop to your cell phone?

The reason for the difficulty that you’re experiencing might be the various formatting requirements and their differences between Windows and cellphones. This quick guide will explain what the difference is and how to convert your files.

Why Your Files Won’t Transfer

.Contact files are not compatible with other cell phone contact files. This means that, without converting them to the proper formatting, there will simply be no way to access them on your phone because the phone won’t be capable of reading them.

Converting Your Files

Begin by opening Windows Explorer. Click on “Libraries” and search through the various file libraries until you come across “Contacts.” If you can’t find it, type this into your file search:


The only difference between what you type and what’s listed here is that you should type your actual username instead of “yourUserName.”

Once your there, access the Contacts library and choose where you want your .contact files to be imported to. The next step is to find your contacts in the new destination, use Control-C to copy them, and paste them into a folder on your device.

Next, simply unplug the device and issue the command to your phone to assimilate the new files.


There you have it! Now you should be able to access any of those .contact contacts from your mobile device