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How to Keep Your Digital Memories Safe

How to Keep Your Digital Memories Safe

How to Keep Your Digital Memories Safe

Photography isn’t just about taking pictures. It’s also about keeping them!

It doesn’t matter how many pictures you take in an effort to capture those priceless memories of family and friends if your pictures aren’t stored properly. This guide will teach you a few of the essentials that can help you save your photos.

“A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words”

We’ve all heard that before! Unfortunately, this also means that any words spent explaining a situation after having lost priceless family photos are, well, worthless. By taking the proper steps to safeguard your digital memories, you prevent this unfortunate circumstance from ever striking your home.

Immortalizing Your Memories

First and foremost, backup your photos! The easiest way to do so on Apple products is to pay for a subscription to the iCloud. However, using thumb drives or external hard drives can be more resistant to theft and just as effective, with the only major setback being the risk of physical damage.

It also helps to compress photos down into a .zip file in order to save space and cram in as many photos as possible. This way, you can preserve more files in a more cost-effective manner on your computer, in your cloud, or on those important backups.


In the end, it’s all about the memories. Just make sure to create at least one backup in an external drive or cloud storage device. Do this, and those priceless memories will be protected against any damage to your computer, laptop, or smartphone.