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How to Make an Invisible File

How to Make an Invisible File

How to Make an Invisible File

If you’re looking for a way to store secret information on your computer, look no further than the invisible file functions.

By creating a secret file, you can safely hide any sensitive information in a secure location to prevent any unauthorized visitors from accessing it or even noticing that it exists. Let us explain exactly how it’s done.

No More Surprise Discoveries

Whether you’re trying to keep your medical records safe on a shared computer or you just want to hide a batch of receipts come Christmas time, invisible files are the way to go. These make it nearly impossible for somebody to accidentally stumble across your secrets.

Code of Invisibility

First, create a regular file by right-clicking your desktop, selecting “new,” and selecting “Folder.” Naming your folder will make it easier to find later on in the process and down the line.

The next step involves right-clicking the folder itself and selecting “Properties.” Once you’ve opened this window, you’ll see a whole host of different settings. This is where you change the various functions of the folder, including everything from the name to the storage location.

The Properties window is also where you can change the visibility status of a folder. Simply scroll to the bottom of the window and check the box that says, “Hidden.”


Once you have your hidden folder, you can begin filling it with hidden files neatly organized in a secure environment to protect them from prying eyes that would otherwise easily stumble across them in routine searches and usages.