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How to Make Audio-Only FaceTime Calls

How to Make Audio-Only FaceTime Calls

How to Make Audio-Only FaceTime Calls

Sometimes, you want to have access to that crystal clear FaceTime audio quality without having the ability to use the camera.

Whether you’re walking down a crowded street, don’t have your headphones in, or forgot to put on your makeup, don’t stress! Just follow the steps outlined below and you’ll be just fine.

Video Isn’t Always an Option

Video can be rendered impossible for any number of reasons from you just not wanting to be on camera to not having strong enough signal to carry a video broadcast

Simply put, video connections require stronger signal than audio-only connections, making audio-only FaceTime calls a great alternative to the choppy, disconnected nature of a phone call with poor reception.

Disabling Video on a FaceTime Call

This is a process that has been around for years, meaning there are plenty of great guides that go a little more in-depth, if you find yourself getting lost in this brief explanation.

First, make sure that FaceTime is updated and optimized for your current version of iOS. Do this simply by checking the “Updates” tab of the App Store.

Next, click on a person’s contact and open their “contact details” page. Near the bottom, you should see a section labeled “FaceTime.” Clicking on that option will open up a window allowing you to choose either a video or audio call. Select audio and you’re done.


That’s it! It’s a much simpler process than most people think when they first hear about the possibility of making an audio-only FaceTime call. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy the improved audio quality that this capability affords you!