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How to Print Blocked Images

How to Print Blocked Images

How to Print Blocked Images

Seeing is believing, so it’s fair that you get a little frustrated when websites block their images.

If you’ve ever found the perfect photo for a project or simply one that you wanted to show a friend on a website, only to find that you could save or print it, you’re not alone. 

Rather than allow yourself to get disgruntled and give up, simply approach the issue from a different angle, and you’ll be printing those blocked images in no time. 

Why You Can’t See Them

Sometimes, browser security settings will prevent images from loading correctly. This most commonly happens in emails, when someone has pasted an image directly into the body of the message. 

More often, you’ll find that a web page simply doesn’t want you to save its images for fear that you’ll circulate them for some sort of business use. When this is the case, you do still have an option if you’re set on printing one of these block images. 

An Unusual Method

You’ve no doubt saved a photo from a website before. In those cases, you simply right click an image and are prompted with a menu from which you can select “Save As.” When you aren’t given the option to save the image, though, you’ll have to settle for the whole page.

To do this, find the page that contains the image you want to print. From there, hold the “print screen” key on your keyboard along with “control” for a few seconds. This will save the screen (you can also take a screenshot), which you will then want to open in Microsoft Word.

Once you’ve done that, crop your pasted screenshot so that only the image remains, select print, and define the parameters so the image alone is printed. 

There are ways around most roadblocks if you’re willing to look hard enough, and printing blocked images is no exception to that rule.