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How to Remove a Telegram Bot on PC or Mac

How to Remove a Telegram Bot on PC or Mac

How to Remove a Telegram Bot on PC or Mac

The world has become an incredibly noisy place. 

As automation becomes the norm, it’s easier for businesses and individuals to create a cloud of clutter they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to. For example, when you visit a business’ social media page or website, how often does a chat box open automatically for you to interact with?

These sort of automated chatbots can be useful, but not all of Telegram’s bots are ones you want to interact with, so removing them might be the right move for you.

When The Chatter Gets Excessive

Like any other function of a service like Telegram, bots are an option at all because some of them are very helpful. For example, you can install a reminder bot that lets you know when important dates, like loved ones’ birthdays, are on the horizon.

However, sometimes bots get to the point that they chime in a little bit too often. Exactly how much a bot interacts with your conversation depends on the specific programming, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the automated messages, simply remove the bot. 

Cutting The Automation

Telegram allows basically anyone to create a bot using their API, and there aren’t a whole lot of parameters that go along with it.  Given that, it’s no surprise that some especially noisy bots make it through; luckily, you can remove them easily. 

On both Mac and Windows, simply start by opening your Telegram desktop app. Next, navigate to the conversation with the bot you want to delete. From there, right click on the conversation, and choose to delete the chat. When you confirm that you want to do this, the bot will no longer be able to interact with you. 

There’s enough buzzing, pinging, and notifying going on in the world between people, cut out some of the excess by eliminating bots that aren’t helpful to you from Telegram.