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How to Reset a Nook Color

How to Reset a Nook Color

How to Reset a Nook Color

Just like with the human brain, the Nook’s central processing unit sometimes needs a reset.

While humans can simply take the weekend to forget about useless junk memories made throughout the week and decompress while watching TV, inanimate objects don’t have that option (yet).

Insted, they require manual reboots every now and then. This guide will walk you through a brief explanation of how to do so.

Every Brain Need to Recharge

Recharging an electronic device is about more than just plugging it in and boosting its battery percentage back up. Every now and then, in order to re-optimize speed and performance, a factory reset is necessary to purge all of the excess data and bloatware that has built up on a device.

Resetting Your Nook Color

As factory resets pertains to your Nook Color, the first thing that you’ll need to do is backup that data. Just in case you accidentally forgot to save some important information, a total backup will enable you to rediscover that information later on down the line. Better safe than sorry!

The next step is to power down the Nook and hold down the power and home buttons until the phrase “Read Forever” appears on screen.

This will prompt a series of confirmations. Acknowledge all of them and tap the home button to agree to the terms and conditions of the reboot. Then, simply wait until the Nook has been restored to its original factory settings.


While this is great for purging your Nook of all of the unwanted junk data that has been slowing it down this whole time, it’s important to note that this process doesn’t only delete the junk data. It deletes everything. That’s why it is incredibly important to back up your Nook before resetting.