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How to Unhide Folders

How to Unhide Folders

How to Unhide Folders

Out of sight, out of mind—or at least that’s how it usually goes.

Hidden files are a different matter, though. The ability to hide a folder is useful whether you have sensitive information you want to protect from potential security breaches, or simply have some private things you want to reserve for your eyes only.

Either way, you’ll eventually need to unhide those folders to find them again. Whether you’ve hidden the folders, or want to see folders that someone else has hidden, getting the job done is quite simple. 

The Cloak of Invisibility

Hiding folders doesn’t delete them, but it makes them temporarily inaccessible. These folders won’t show up in searches, or when someone scrolls through your documents or photos, but they are still stored safely on your computer. 

Since hiding folders doesn’t encrypt them or keep them completely secure, it’s mostly a good measure to take if you’re not all that worried about your documents reaching someone else’s eyes, but would simply prefer that they don’t. That way, when it comes time to find them again, you can do it in just a few seconds.

Lifting The Veil

To see what’s been hidden on your computer, you’ll have a few options for a course of action. The simplest option is only available if you have a Windows 10 computer; on that operating system, you can just search “folder” in your task bar. 

From there, go to your advanced settings and select the box next to “show hidden files, folders, and drives.” 

On a Mac, you aren’t able to hide folders as part of the operating system function, so you’ll have to find your way to the third party application you used to achieve this. There will be a line that reads “show all files,” make sure that you type “yes” next to it, then close out of finder. 

Whatever computer you’re using, this will allow you to now view all of your hidden files, and you can easily hide them again once finished if you want.