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How to Upgrade to YouTube Music Premium

How to Upgrade to YouTube Music Premium

How to Upgrade to YouTube Music Premium

Who doesn’t get excited at the sound of their favorite song beginning to play?

Humans have been making music for almost longer than they’ve been doing anything else, so it’s no wonder that the methods for listening to it are continuously evolving. 

From MP3 players to video playing services, everyone has a favorite means of jamming out, and if YouTube is yours, upgrading to the premium version of the service is probably more than worth it. 

Why Make The Leap

You’ve probably already spent a fair number of hours listening to songs on YouTube, and you’ve probably found yourself frustrated by things like the fact that you can’t lock your screen while you listen, or that you can only enjoy the music with an internet connection. 

Switching to YouTube Music Premium solves these issues by allowing you to listen to music in the background while toggling between other apps, download songs to play offline, and to do all of this without ads for about $10 a month. 

Updating Your Service

Once you’ve decided that making the switch to YouTube Music Premium is the right move for you, it can be done quite simply. The first thing you’ll want to do is click on your profile image either in the YouTube app or on your browser. 

When you do that, a menu will drop down. You’ll see the option to try YouTube Music Premium for free during a three month trial period. Once you select “try it free” you’ll be redirected to a Google page in which you’ll need to enter payment information—your card will only be charged once the trial is up.

After completing these steps, you’ll be able to listen to your favorite songs any time, anywhere, while doing anything else on your device without the constant interruption of ads.