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How to Use an Electronic Typewriter

How to Use an Electronic Typewriter

How to Use an Electronic Typewriter

If you’re interested in 20th century aesthetic, then you probably love the click-clack feel of electronic typewriters.

But how do they work? Although the modern computer keyboard draws its design schematics from earlier typewriters, they have very little in common today. So pull up a seat and let us show you how to use an electronic typewriter.

There’s Just Something about a Typewriter

Whether it’s the sound it makes when typing or the you can physically watch the letters hit the paper right before your eyes, there’s just something soothing about electronic typewriters. Of course, this all depends on whether or not you can get them to work!

Going Back to the Classics

First, the obvious: make sure that the typewriter is plugged in. This is a rookie mistake presumably caused by the fact that most modern laptops and other typing devices don’t require being plugged in.

Next, press the “On” button. This begins the power-up sequence. Give the machine a minute or two to warm up so that it functions properly.

The third step is to load the paper. Each model is different, so be sure to consult the manual. A general rule of thumb is to load two pieces of paper at a time.

Set your margins according to your preferred specifications (typically one inch, nowadays). Once all of your individualized settings are confirmed and ready to go, you’re good to begin!


Surprisingly complicated for something so old-fashioned, aren’t they? Fortunately for you, that just means there’s more than a century of guides and user manuals to choose from. Hopefully this one helps you enjoy using an electronic typewriter as much as we do!