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How to Use Periscope

How to Use Periscope

How to Use Periscope

Live-streaming has become an essential marketing tool in the world of business.

Content creators on applications and Websites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitch have been raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars each for years. As of 2015, Twitter can be added to that list with its purchase of Periscope. 

Below, we’ll briefly break down what this is and how to use it!

Live Streaming Is A Major Money-Maker

If you’re in the business of marketing, advertising, gaming, or basically anything else and you’re not maintaining a consistent live streaming schedule, then what are you doing? As stated above, live streams result in millions of dollars in monthly revenue on one single platform.

Periscope facilitates this live-streaming and is currently the best (and only) way to reliably live-stream on Twitter.

Looking Through the Periscope

Hop aboard the live-stream money machine by downloading Periscope from the App Store. Unfortunately, Periscope was designed for iPhone only and the developers do not seem to be working on a port to Android any time soon.

Next, launch the app, create a Twitter account or sign in to your existing account, and start following people if you haven’t done so already.

The process of live-streaming from there on is incredibly simple. Simply press the camera button, enable all permissions, put in a title, and select “Start Broadcasting.” There are also options listed immediately above “Start Broadcasting” that enable you to further customize your streaming program.


Now that you’ve broken into the streaming industry, don’t think that you’re going to be swimming in pools of gold just yet. It takes months to start building a following, but once you’ve gathered your momentum, you’ll be well on your way!