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How to Be a Power User

How to Be a Power User

How to Be a Power User

With the tips in this article, you can learn how to be the best power user out there!

A power user is a person who knows how to manipulate a technical system to get as much power out of it as possible. This doesn’t mean the person uses a lot of electricity, rather the person is capable of maximizing performance output on even the simplest tech.

Maximize Your Power

By focusing on drawing as high a level of technological efficiency as possible, you not only enable yourself to significantly increase your productivity but you also make it more likely that you will find clever ways to access previously unknown functions on your devices.

Hotkeys and Hot Takes

Whether you’re interested in becoming a power user to further your career in one of the technical fields or simply to maximize your own efficiency at home, these two tips will provide a major boost to your output potential.

Use the Command Line Whenever Possible

The command line takes on multiple forms depending on which operating system you use. 

In Windows, it’s known as the Command Prompt and can enable you to debug or modify your computer as well as to access various hidden functions such as a force-shutdown or reboot of any of your computer’s programs.

Stick to the Hotkeys

It might seem negligible, but every second you spend reaching for your mouse adds up. Depending on how long you’re at your computer, you could end up saving minutes or even hours by ditching the mouse in favor of hotkeys.


As long as you start with the command line and make widespread use of hotkeys, you’ll be well on your way to reaching the heights of technological savvy known only to power users.