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How to Change File Permissions to Bypass TrustedInstaller

How to Change File Permissions to Bypass TrustedInstaller

How to Change File Permissions to Bypass TrustedInstaller

TrustedInstaller is the last line of defense that prevents you from deleting “necessary” programs.

Of course, problems begin to arise when the programs that TrustedInstaller thinks are necessary are actually bloatware measuring in dozens of goodbytes of wasted space. When that happens? What can you do? Well, let us explain.

Freeing Up Space Can Significantly Increase Computer Performance

By deleting the bloatware and other junk data protected by TrustedInstaller, you can free up space for new programs, decrease the load on your CPU, and better optimize your RAM. But to do so, you will first need to learn how to bypass TrustedInstaller.

Popping the Bubble

When these programs inflate to harmful sizes, the bubble must be popped!

Begin the process by locating the targeted files and folders. From here, access the “Properties” window by right-clicking and scrolling down the menu to near the bottom. This will pop out into another window.

At the top of this window, there are several tabs. Select “Advanced.” In the section captioned “Permission entries,” type in “Everyone.” Give that line principal controls, confirm in the following window, and ensure that everyone has “full controls.”

This will remove the restrictions caused by TrustedInstaller on those files and folders and will enable you to begin deleting them.


Microsoft built its reputation in the 90s by being the most user-friendly and easy-to-use computer system on the market, but you wouldn’t be able to tell just from reading this guide.

While this process can be time-consuming and tedious, it is important to ensure that everything is done correctly, or else TrustedInstaller might continue to safeguard unnecessary files.