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How to Connect Your Home Theater to Your PC

How to Connect Your Home Theater to Your PC

How to Connect Your Home Theater to Your PC

Sick of not having a wifi-connected smart TV? Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on buying one, there are ways to get those benefits out of a “dumb” TV.

While smart TVs are great and everything, there are just some things about them that aren’t the best, namely the prices. By following the tips and tricks laid out in this guide, you’ll be able to connect your home theater to your PC without having to link them through a smart TV.

Save Hundreds of Dollars

Many of the functionalities associated with smart TVs revolve around internet-connectivity capabilities of the appliance. But why spend so much money to get the same features that spending only $20 or so dollars can get you?

Multiple Possibilities

There are plenty of ways to go about doing this, but the following two are some of the most affordable, effective, and quick.

Use an HDMI Cable

Most TVs and computers come with in-built HDMI outputs. Simply spending about $20 on an HDMI cable can enable you to not only have the same functionalities as a smart TV on an ordinary TV but oftentimes to have even more control.

Buy a Wireless Home Digital Interface

WHDI kits can cost quite a bit more than an HDMI cable, but they are far more effective at connecting your home theater and your PC. They don’t require plugging your computer directly into your TV, either! But they do require your TV to have internet connectivity.


Whether you choose to go the simple, yet versatile route of using an ordinary HDMI cable or you decide to take the more expensive, yet more effective route of using a WHDI, you’ll have all the tools you need to connect your home theater to your PC.