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How to Download Music from a PC to a Phone

How to Download Music from a PC to a Phone

How to Download Music from a PC to a Phone

Since 1989, people have been creating newer and better ways to use the internet.

Nowadays, we’re capable of downloading MP3 files directly to our phones from companies like Spotify or Apple, and the innovation doesn’t end there. It’s also possible to download music to your computer and then transfer it to your phone.

Why Not Just Download to Your Phone

If you have an older phone or if you’ve already organized hundreds of files containing your favorite songs on your computer, it doesn’t make sense to start over. Instead, the tips and tricks detailed below will help you optimize efficiency.

File Transfers

Moving your music from one device to another is going to require a file transfer. The form that this may take can vary, but the general technology remains the same.

Use a File Transfer Software

If you’re not much of a techy, you might find it helpful to use a dedicated file transfer program such as Android File Transfer. This sort of technology takes all of the hassle out of file transfers and makes them as simple as the click of a button, when the software works properly.

USB Direct Transfers

Software programs are not typically as effective as direct transfers. To do one of these, connect the phone via its USB charging cable directly to the computer. If you’re using iTunes to transfer files, all you’ll have to do is press “Sync.” 

If you’re using a Windows computer, you’ll have to manually click and drag the files onto the iPhone’s music library.


Transferring music from your computer to your phone is not quite a complicated procedure anymore, at least not when compared to the difficulties we had to endure in the early 2000s. Consider yourself lucky that file transfers are all you have to worry about!