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How to Find Cool Desktop Backgrounds

How to Find Cool Desktop Backgrounds

How to Find Cool Desktop Backgrounds

Who doesn’t love being able to see your favorite images every time you log into to your desktop?

Whether it’s your favorite character from a TV show, your favorite scene from the new film from Marvel Studios, or any of a million different things, there are ways to get those pictures added to your desktop background. We’ll show you one of the easier methods below!

Get Rid of Those Boring Stock Photos

Stock photos are generic photos taken for the purpose of being licensed by anybody for any purpose, and every desktop comes with one, whether it’s a mountain or a blank blue background. 

By choosing your own custom background for your desktop, you can finally get rid of these generic photos once and for all.

The Hunt for Originality

The first step in finding a cool desktop background is to come to terms with the fact that stock photos just aren’t cutting it for you. Now that you’ve done that, you’re ready to begin the hunt!

Go to Google and key in the search phrase for your preferred image. If it’s Captain America, for example, simply type in “Captain America” and press the Enter / return key. Make sure to click on the “Images” tab to get to Google Images.

Specify the size of the image by clicking the dropdown menu labeled “Size” located near the search bar. Select “Large.”

Lastly, once you’ve found your preferred image, simply download it, go into settings, and set it as your new wallpaper!


There you have it! Now you don’t have to look at that awful blank, blue screen or generic mountaintop landscape every time you open your computer. Instead, feast your eyes on an amazing, eye-catching, original image that you yourself discovered.