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How to Get Deleted Files Back from USB or Hard Drive

How to Get Deleted Files Back from USB or Hard Drive

How to Get Deleted Files Back from USB or Hard Drive

We’ve all been there before. You’re sorting old photos and next thing you know, you’ve deleted the wrong stack. All your good pictures are gone!

Gone, but not lost.

There are countless ways to get deleted files back from a USB or Hard Drive even after deleting them from your computer and emptying the Trash. In this article, we’ll discuss two of the most effective methods.

How Is This Possible?

Nothing is ever truly deleted from your hard drive. Whether you like it or not, every piece of data that has ever been installed on your computer is saved somewhere in its hard drive, regardless of how many times you’ve deleted it.

Restoring Lost Files

All this means is that, if you’ve just deleted your wedding photos when trying to move their file location, don’t panic yet! Stave off that divorce by trying out the following two tips.

File Recovery Software

On the internet, there are countless programs that you can use to recover deleted information. Many of these programs are free and still provide many of the same functions that are used by more heavy-duty and more powerful forensic data analysts.

Take the Drive to a Specialist

If you can’t do it yourself, don’t stress about it. Major firms like Best Buy offer data recovery and hard drive repair services, typically at somewhat affordable prices. If your file recovery software doesn’t work, let the professionals handle it.


By running file recovery software or taking your drive to a specialist, you significantly increase the chances that your information can be recovered without corrupting any of the old data.