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How to Make a Master Track in ProTools

How to Make a Master Track in ProTools

How to Make a Master Track in ProTools

Creating a master track doesn’t require a master mixer.

In fact, it’s much simpler than you might think! Whether you have decades of production experience or you’re just getting started, you can mix your own master tracks with just a few quick controls. This guide will show you exactly what you need to do to make this happen.

The Master Track is the Production’s Blueprint

A master track is the track that takes in and processes all of the other tracks in the piece. Simply put, the master track is the playable mp3 file that music producers create out of all of the other tracks. Without a master, the only way to play the song is in the digital audio workstation. 

The reason for this is that, without a master, the other recordings are all saved as project files instead of MP3 files.

Making Your Master Track

First and foremost, create a new track file. After you’ve selected either “mono” or “stereo,” make sure to set the track as an audio track, rather than as a digital instrument. However, if you are working solely with MIDI inputs, then any of the settings will work just fine.

The next step in creating your master track is to finalize the settings in the same window where you select the type of track. This can be done according to your own specifications, depending on what your production needs. Then, click “Create.” 

Of course, none of this would be very helpful if you already have an audio track. Fortunately, you can add that track to your master track by clicking and dragging. This is a great way to speed up production and enable cleaner playback and smoother editing.


Making a master track in ProTools shouldn’t take a master. Fortunately, for producers like you, the developers behind ProTools are well aware that producers from all walks of life and all levels of experience rely on their software for the production of high-quality recordings.