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How to Protect Electronics from an Electromagnetic Pulse

How to Protect Electronics from an Electromagnetic Pulse

How to Protect Electronics from an Electromagnetic Pulse

A common secondary effect of nuclear bomb detonations includes the production of a massive electromagnetic pulse.

Electromagnetic pulses are capable of wiping out all data and functionality of any electronic device within hundreds (or, in solar cases, millions) of miles. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about an EMP detonating anytime soon.

But what should you do to prepare for this miniscule probability? We’ll tell you!

The Potential Damages of an EMP

If there is a near-zero probability of an EMP detonation occurring in our lifetime, why worry about prepping for that outcome?

Preppers often cite game theory in their answers to this question, saying that, because of the massive level of devastation that EMPs could theoretically cause and the limited amount of effort it takes to protect against them, it makes the most sense to take a few moments to prep.

Two Tips to Prevent EM Damage

Everything from the fragile iPhone of today to the indestructible Nokia of yesteryear can be rendered lemons by electromagnetic radiation.

The Aluminum Shoebox

Aluminum has been shown to block the majority of electromagnetic radiation. This makes it a great tool to use in the lining of a shoebox. If you suspect an EM pulse is coming, drop in your phone, car keys, and GPS and wait until it passes.

A Galvanized Metal Bucket

Galvanized metal is also resistant to electromagnetic radiation and buckets make for great containers (hence why garbage cans take on the bucket shape). Simply line the seams and edges with aluminum tape and you have a safe storage unit.


Each of these two methods takes only a couple bucks and fifteen minutes tops. So even though the odds of an EMP striking your community are near zero, consider the utility of each possible course of action carefully before deciding to reject preparations.