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How to Protect Your Computer From Your Parents

How to Protect Your Computer From Your Parents

How to Protect Your Computer From Your Parents

Parents pose the biggest threat to computer security for teens and other youths.

Even if a teen has been doing nothing wrong, some parents refuse to respect their privacy. For the children of parents who prefer this ineffective parenting strategy, hiding information is often the only way to maintain your autonomy.

In order to learn, you have to be free to make your own mistakes. The tips in this article will teach you how.

If You Don’t Prevent Them, Your Parents Will Spy On You

Helicopter parents can find danger in even the safest places. Regardless of whether or not that danger even really exists, they oftentimes use it as an excuse to limit your rights and take things away from you rather than helping you learn how to navigate the world as an adult.

Cybersecurity for Teens

If you don’t want your parents sneaking into your photographs, messages, social media, or other private information, make sure to employ the following two tips.

Use Multiple Passwords

While having only one password for all of your accounts and files can make it easier to remember, doing so also significantly increases the danger of your parents hacking your system. If they discover one password, they discover all of them. The same cannot be said for teens who use a different password for every service.

Create Encoded .zip Files

A .zip file is a compressed file the contents of which cannot be viewed without first running it through a decompressor. By adding a unique password to a file containing a compressed version of all of your computer’s information, you can be doubly sure that nobody will be snooping on your important documents.


It’s always a shame to feel that you can’t trust your parents to respect your privacy. Once you’ve secured your computer against their nefarious attempts at hacking, be sure to ask them to sit down with you so that you can talk to them about how they can rebuild your trust.