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How to Remove the AVG Security Toolbar

How to Remove the AVG Security Toolbar

How to Remove the AVG Security Toolbar

Although the AVG Security Toolbar can be a great helper when trying to limit malicious searches, it can also be a major impediment to finding the proper results.

The purpose of the AVG Security Toolbar is to analyze and pre-screen the presence of any potential security threats found on websites before granting your computer access to them. Oftentimes, this can result in your inability to visit websites that you know are safe.

Regain Autonomy Over Your Internet Browser

By learning how to safely and efficiently uninstall the AVG Security Toolbar, you can retake control over which websites you’re able to visit. 

On the other hand, keeping a malfunctioning AVG toolbar can result in continued loss of control and the potential to be prevented from going to websites that are necessary for your usual work or entertainment.

What to Do to Delete the Program

The first thing you should do is simply try to uninstall the program from your computer by clicking “uninstall” and following the prompts. However, if the AVG Security Toolbar won’t uninstall, try the following set of steps:

First, open up the Start menu and access the Control Panel. Click on the icon labeled “Programs” and scroll until you find a program titled “AVG SafeGuard.toolbar.” Now, you should be able to activate the “uninstall/change” functions to permanently delete the application.


It’s important to know that, even though you might have never intentionally downloaded the AVG Security Toolbar, it might have snuck in through an installer package for another program. Because of this, it’s always good to keep this article on hand just in case you need to uninstall it once again.