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How to Set Up Google Authorship

How to Set Up Google Authorship

How to Set Up Google Authorship

Google+ Authorship was a free and simple-to-use function that greatly improved your readership online!

Unfortunately, as of 2014, this function is no longer supported in Google search results, meaning that it isn’t of much use today. However, the novel ideas that could stand to come out of this are still just as viable today as ever before! 

Check out this brief guide to get an accurate understanding of how to set up Google Authorship.

Gone, but Not Forgotten

There are plenty of theories surrounding why Google Authorship no longer exists. The prevailing theory being that Google Authorship relied too heavily on the average person’s understanding of code. Most people simply couldn’t input the coded tags or couldn’t do it right.

How to Claim Google Authorship

The majority of the issues faced by Google Authorship that led to the inevitable failure of the initiative revolved around the set-up process.

The primary method of verification involved the use of HTML tags. HTML is a coding language common among web developers. Unfortunately, Google heavily overestimated the amount of HTML coding knowledge possessed by ordinary writers and bloggers.

The code necessary to activate Google Authorship read as follows:

[[[profile_url]?rel=author|Your name]]

If you’re like most people, this is gibberish to you, only a couple words perforated with nonsensical punctuation. However, Google Authorship could not function properly without you having a thorough understanding of what this means.


While the Google Authorship initiative failed to account for the total lack of coding knowledge currently locked in the minds of most bloggers, future version of similar code might be able to fix this issue.

For instance, if you could design a version of Google Authorship capable of automatically adding the code to the person’s website, maybe there would be a job for you at Google!