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How to Use the Apple Pencil on iPad Pro

How to Use the Apple Pencil on iPad Pro

How to Use the Apple Pencil on iPad Pro

The Apple Pencil has plenty of unique benefits, but only if you can figure out how to use it!

The steps in this guide will provide a brief explanation of how this device works and will also help you figure out how to pair it to your iPad.

Increase Productivity

You probably bought the Apple Pencil because you were looking to boost productivity or to add that hand-written feel to your notes on your iPad. One way or another, you probably found that the Apple Pencil is far more than just any ordinary stylus. In fact, it’s a bluetooth device!

Pairing Devices to Your iPad Pro

Because of the bluetooth nature of the Apple Pencil, getting it to function on your iPad requires an understanding of bluetooth pairing and how it’s done.

Start by going into the settings on your iPad and tapping “Bluetooth.” Make sure that the slider is set to green, meaning that bluetooth connectivity is on and accessible.

Now take your Apple Pencil and remove its charging cap. You’ll notice it can be plugged into the iPad. Go ahead and do so. This will cause your iPad to ask if you would like to pair the device. Select “Pair” and you’re ready to begin using your Apple Pencil on your iPad Pro.

At this point, you can go into settings and change the name of your bluetooth device so that you know exactly which one is which.


Now the only difficulty you should be having is in finding ways to convince yourself to put down the pencil! Of course, once you’ve started taking notes with the Apple Pencil or any similar device, it’s borderline impossible to ever go back to simple typing. It just doesn’t feel the same!